Unique Wheels on Sale at Yellow Jersey Thank you. Every wheel shown here is sold out
you can put interesting text in ALT labels.  Mike Hanson has one of these discsSold!

Araya Professional Carbon Disc with DuraAce freewheel center. This is an Araya rim bonded over a carbon honeyomb disc- will not split or shatter at the edge and has a useful braking surface. Araya says 1200g, we weighed this one at 1185g. No longer $1495, any of our 3 remaining discs in original package just $X X X

Aerospoke Tubular wheels are all sold out.

Bob Mionske, riding for Yellow Jersey, was the 1990 USA National Road Champion.  Now he's velolaw.com

SOLD!XML Carbon Disc made in Texas, USA just 1360g and priced at a capricious $- out- Now's the time to try a disc, who knows you might like it! Freewheel center.

Dan Casebeer set the US hour record in a Yellow Jersey jersey Martha Hanson wore our jersey to a National ChampionshipSold!

Here's Sugino's T-Disc which replaces 32 spokes with a 256-strand kevlar system in a clear mylar UV-block cover. The T-Disc is actually lighter than a set of spokes! directions and spoke wrench included, metal-rimmed valve access hole, use any standard low-flange rear hub (our built demo in the photo is a Shimano 600 freewheel but you can use a 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10-speed cassette hub) and any normal box-section rim. You'll have maximum aero advantage without the excessive weight of a V-section rim. This system is sold in the mountain bike world as a "Tioga T-Disc" which you may remember was used by John Tomac without incident in his World Championship. Will the T-Disc turn you into a champion? Maybe, but at least it won't hold you back! Original price $XXX, the last few are now just $XXX new in the box with tools and manual or buy our demo complete with tire for just $SOLD OUT

Greg Meeker's younger brother Dean won a National Championship in our jersey

I can never resist that last step from the sublime to the ridiculous. These are heavy as anything but they don't break. For the urban commando in your life these OGK mag wheels weigh a whopping 1500g each front Q/R ONLY
(rear freewheel Q/R. are all sold out , sorry)
Hub centers are by Suzue.
Any color you want as long as it's black.
Originally $-out- each, now just an impulsively cheap -out- each front only

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