2011~2012 Bicycle Maintenance &
Repair Classes at Yellow Jersey

Welcome to Yellow Jersey's bicycle service course!

Sessions are November, December, January and February every year. Class is taught on four successive Tuesdays for eight hours of direct personal hands-on instruction.. Every class begins with an histiorical review, a theoretical overview, a basic diagnostic analysis and then hands-on experience with actual equipment, even your own bike if you so desire. Workspace, tools, supplies, materials, class notes, textbook, hand cleaner and a diploma are all included. Tonight and on the next three Tuesdays (6:30~8:30pm) we will learn:

    Syllabus for Bicycle Maintenance Class
  • (1) About tires, tubes, rims and wheels. How to repair a puncture, how to remove and install wheels and how to straighten them. What to bring along on a trip and use of a hand pump and tire tools.
  • (2) How bearing systems were developed, how they function, how to diagnose and correct bearing adjustments, how to rebuild bearing systems
  • (3) How braking systems were developed, the various styles of brakes used today, about control cables and casings and brake pads and how to diagnose and correct brake adjustments.
  • (4) About gearing systems, understanding the options available and how to change your range of gearing, how the mechanisms work, measuring chain wear, selecting compatible equipment, diagnosing and correcting gear system adjustments.

We have taught this class in this format for about forty years in hundreds of sessions to thousands of cyclists. We supply helpful printed materials so note taking is not required. You will have the opportunity to work on your own bike with our tools and equipment. Your instructors are professional experienced mechanics backed with our technical library. Your inquiries and observations are welcome in an interactive melieu. You may purchase supplies and tools here if you so desire but no purchases are required.

At the last session, you will receive a diploma and everyone who completes our course will graduate with an A.

For the first time, we're going to incorporate the Park course materials into our program. Course fees for the complete program are $100 including the Park Service Manual which is $24.95 separately. Further information about the Park syllabus is at Park Tool Bike Class

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