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We support Bombay Bicycle Club, the Madison area's largest touring group, by printing the ride schedules and providing technical assistance. There are weekly rides all year long offering both long and short routes. It's a great way to meet other cyclists and everyone is welcome. Pick up a free schedule at Yellow Jersey. Better still, join and then volunteer to lead a ride!


Vitus Tube

we do this every March

Raoul Delmare sent us this museum link

call 414.461.8380, ask for the man with no butt

An Island of sanity in the midst of the crazy bike industry

all about PUMPS

find the right stem angle and length

They really deliver. . . really

Wheelchair Parts
Wheelchair accessories
Russell Gilmore rides one!

Wald equipment is just fine, thanks
Remarque Taiwan



among others

These guys are new. I have no idea.

+ + + Swiss with all that that entails+ + +
Here's David Waterman's 1979 Allegro. It's pretty. Click to enlarge. Click Allegro to go to some neat guys who have (or had) some classic Allegro Swiss race frames .

Obscure Dead Bike Racer
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No it's not the OLD Suntour but these guys are OK!

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Michi Takenaka once worked with Yoshi Konno at 3Rensho

Michi Takenaka runs a cool bike shop in Kyoto, Japan
HIs web site is closed. Don't despair!
Cheer up with Lunch!

multivarious subjects

New for 2005 7

don't guess-MEASURE!

Discussion of alternate chainrings

Cycle Italy on the Adriatic!Marche Cycle Italy

Bob was US National Road Champion in our Yellow Jersey jersey
Bicycle Art Glass
Candy makes dolls

We support 2d amendment
rights through the NRA

Ms Diane Blake's
Victory Bicycles

I always find interesting reading here

Custom CNC Machine WorkCNC Service

Stepping carefully on the line between sublime and ridiculous








We're humbled by these Heros

On tour, send a postcard! We'll post it here!
gives you immortality, respect, and admiration
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