Nice foldup tools with
Natural Bamboo cover plates

New Sturmey Archer Fixed Three S3X 36h
complete with sprocket, controls and fittings $189.95
S3X in bright anodized candy colors $199.95

New SRAM Fix-Free quick change hub 32h $120

New Sturmey Archer 2-speed Automatic 36h $95

New Sturmey Archer Fixed Gear 3-speed Black or Aqua anodized hubshell
Complete with controls 36h $95

New Sanyo Dynohub 36h $59.95

GREEN GranComp front track hub 32h $39.95

Vintage 1958 Silca frame pump $129.95
Aluminum body painted Cinelli Steel Grey
with Presta hose and flip down foot peg
wonderful completion for your vintage Italian machine!

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