Beautiful 1963 Peugeot PX-10 and related material

I lusted after Jerry's bike since I first saw it in 1971

This is a stunning example of a rare 1963 PX-10 lovingly restored to original (except gum hoods are the 1976 model, awaiting correct half-hoods in white)

pretty cool, note the prices

This is the sales brochure for a seventies PX-10 with handwriten prices from the era

this was my first real bike

More brochure showing the ubiquitous UO-8

These sold poorly as UO-8s were not much more

More brochure

I have a BInachi Aquiletta that's similar

Last page showing folder

These once flew in Peugeot showrooms

The showroom flag, as shown in brochure

Peugeot PX-10 Website

Peugeot Archival Website

We have available a small number of Peugeot French original factory film transfer sheets and decal sets from 1978~1986. These are from the factory which the Peugeot family dismantled for scrap in about 1990.


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