Bicycle parts and equipment from Seattle Bike Supply

Here at Yellow Jersey we have carried Redline bikes and parts from Seattle Bike Supply (otherwise known as Redline) for a long time. Since the 1970s. Really. Now they have made their huge parts supply catalog available online for you to peruse! Everything shown in the SBS "Big Book"

is generally available. All you have to do is click the photo above to enter their website and search for the parts you want. Send us an e-mail with the part numbers and quantities and we will quote you price and delivery time.
We stock a good proportion of that stuff already and it seemed poinless to type every darned item again, so we're glad this resource is available, and Olympic Supply Company's Catalog as well.
Of course this is not everything have, nor everything we can get for you. If you are looking for something special and just can't find it, send us some email or call us at 608-257-4737 and we can help.

You may also want to use our search function here.

Also note our hardware page.

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