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We have available a small number of classic Basso decal sets from the early days of Basso's beautiful race bikes. The last few years at the end of the seventies saw Basso's first frames and those used a decal set with red-blue-yellow chevrons at the ends of the lettering, including a small decal on chainstay. Logos have always incorporated the "3B" device, which is a reference to of course the "B" in Basso but also the "3" Basso brothers, Marino who won the World Championship on the road in 1972 at Gap, France (hence the "Gap" designation for their no-nonsense standard road frames) and his gracious and competent brothers Renato and Alcide. I sometimes wish my Italian brothers had stayed in the bicycle business but no, we have only the good example of this fine family.

You're looking at the translucent carrier over the lettering in this scan

The partial sets shown above are from about 1982~1984. These are individual kiss-cut letters with outline. You get two horizontal "BASSO" for the downtube and another pair of vertical for the seat tube. We no longer have any of the "3B" head tube badges nor do we have anything earlier or later. This is it.

The decals shown above are in stock in white with a thin black outline, original to many series of Basso Gap. We also have some in green for the wonderful Basso Jamaica. Either set (four pieces) only ALL SOLD
All other colors and models are sold out.

Other Classic Decals

We do have a smattering of other classic decals for various bicycles - please email and we'll try to help. We're always on the lookout when we're pursuing vintage equipment and these seem to pop up in random ways - some brands available and some not.

Late 2004: Just arrived early 1990s Basso Titanium originals $85

New Arrival!
We've received some 1990 original Basso Gap/Loto full sets.
White as shown below and also in black, $89.95

1990 original Basso Gap/Loto RED and also YELLOW now available, $89.95
many colors right now - next month maybe notanother shot

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