New for 2004
Custom Leather Detail
on any newBrooks Saddle
fromYellow Jersey

Here's an example of the custom detailed leatherwork
we now offer with any new Brooks Saddle:

Jesse got the first one

That's not quite accurate, really

Jesse's squeeze got this for XMase

Give us an idea of what you'd like to see and where on the saddle. This typical motif along the lower edge is a $40 option. Since the leather must be treated to accept the stamping, we'll need three to five days between your order and the day we ship.
Brooks saddles are handmade from cows. Genuine leather, a natural product, inherently has variations of color and texture. Hand stamped leatherwork is also by its very nature imprecise. Custom leather stampings will vary slightly in their alignment and depth- it's the nature of hand work.
The result, as you can see, is distinctive and unique. In a world of machine-perfect synthetic saddles, this piece of real cow shows the work of a skilled hand and yours will be like no other!

Custom? We have no limits here. How about custom wooden mudguards ?

Or even custom Zebra print saddle maybe? or anything probably. The whole idea of 'custom' is that you don't see it on the rack.
Yes! That's just what I want! Click to order

Well, maybe, but I have a few questions or comments first.