We support not only current clipless pedal systems but a humongous number of classic cleats including support for toeclip formats (see bottom of page).

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if you see it here click ORDER below

if you see it here click ORDER below

and most other cleats you might recall!

AKA Sampson
NO MORE SR-Sakae / Sampson Cleats! All sold!

ride well, walk poorly. We have cleat covers
NO MORE SR-Sakae / Sampson Cleats! All sold!

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    Some of the cleats available at Yellow Jersey:
  • Pavarin
  • Detto Pietro
  • Nike
  • Keywin
  • Adidas
  • Look Pro 1990 (early rotational system)
  • Sakae FXP-100 SOLD OUT
  • Sampson SOLD OUT
  • Campagnoplo SGR
  • TA nail-on Route
  • TA nail-on Piste
  • TA nail-on Cross
  • SiDi Cyclocross
  • SiDi 3-bolt
  • SiDi 3-bolt internal plate & screws
  • SiDi 2-bolt
  • Lake early model
  • Vittoria
  • No Cinelli Unibloc M-71- out.
  • No Toeclip-compatible early Look- out.
  • No Toeclip-compatible early Shimano- out.
  • Exus
  • Onza (elastomers; no cleats)
  • Nike "shell"
  • Nike Heel Pad (fits SiDi)
  • Time
  • Time TWT
  • No Madison cleat covers- out.
  • Look "teardrop" MTB
  • No Ultegra toeclip/Look shoe- out.
  • Heel pads
  • No Diadora- out
  • Nike Lace Tad
  • Big Meat cleat shims
  • lots of shoelaces
  • No Winwood adapter cleats - out.
  • No nail-on adjustable toeclip cleats - out.

Cleats for Toeclip Pedals

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