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The common wisdom now is that everyone should have clipless pedals.

Well, we like those.

Clipless are comfortable and positive, excellent for racing,
century or just meandering up to Lodi for breakfast on a Sunday morning (one of
our favorite rides).

For short errands, like riding to the grocery, for commuting to work or school, do you
really want to stop to change your shoes? I sure don't.

If your only bike is clipless, you're probably missing some nice short trips.!

If you've adopted neither clipless nor toeclips, you should reconsider. Although Grant
Peterson has given us his nice essay on the virtues of simple plain flat pedals ( and he
has a point), for most riders on most rides, some better connection between bike and feet
is just a good idea. For starts, I think I can ride farther more comfortably when
my feet don't slide around. I admit I hardly notice this going couple of blocks, but on anything
beyond that I feel tension in my calf and foot. I have the feeling I'm restraining my efforts, just
to keep from slipping off. And anything out of the saddle is just plain safer with clips. I'm intimidated
by even moderately high rpms on a fixed without the security of those nice straps.

You're probably inclined to toeclips already or you wouldn't be reading this, right?

Let's digress for just a moment to look at How Things Don't Work.
Click that and then come back , OK?

We carry a large selection of classic toeclip- compatible pedals from about $14.95, including some
nice MKS products:(vintage equipment is a different discussion)

people tell me these are obsolete but we sure sell a lot of them! people tell me these are obsolete but we sure sell a lot of them!

we have 'em all

There are a lot of nice traditional format pedals here but the best overall values seem to always be
MKS products. Carefully made in Osaka, Japan, the MKS Sylvan series at just $34.95
includes a track, road and the super wide touring model. All have forged CrMo spindles, beautifully finished
forged aluminum bodies that last forever, smooth adjustable and rebuildable bearings and they accept
standard toeclips and straps easily.

Are you the curious type? Do you crave minutiae? No problem!
Simply click for M K S Technical Data, than click "back" to return here.

Mikashima's latest model, the MKS Royal Nuevo is what a Superbe pedal would look like
if there were a 2011 Superbe pedal.

mo wide is mo good! New Products! Stunning yet different from Nuevos! Rel NJS Keirin Approved!

    Some Traditional Style Pedals
  • all are 9/16" and all are pairs
  • MKS Royal Nuevo $169
  • MKS Pro R X 1 $169
  • MKS Custom Nuevo NJS $169
  • MKS Sylvan Road $34.95
  • MKS Sylvan Track $34.95
  • MKS Sylvan Tour (wide) $34.95
  • MKS Stream Track $34.95
  • MKS MT-Luxe $39.95
  • MKS New! MT-Lite shown above $39.95
  • MKS copy by Cyclist Choice (cast aluminum) $19.95

Limited selection of nylon toeclips from Zefal
They are made out of DuPont Zytel.

many choices still

We are sold out of Zefal nylon Zytel toeclips in Road (S-M-L-XL)
YES still Zfal Mountain Bike style
(Small-Medium or Large-X-Large sizes).
sold out of Zefal's half-clips (no strap)
Zytel is a premium nylon that doesn't shatter like the chintzy Asian ones you just broke - the ones
which inspired you to find this page.
YES we have MKS half clips in Chromed Steel $19.95
and with leather covers $39.95

We still have some classic chromed steel toeclips in S-M-L-XL . Sadly , extrasmall children's toeclips
are out. Genuine Italian Doppio Pista double-rivetted chromed steel clips available.
Beyond that we have a smattering of other "special" toeclips - please D O ask for assistance
if yours have some weird mounting
- we may be able to help.

Toestraps are either the modern no-rot Nylon or if you prefer, classic Leather.
Some people tell me I can't sell these but I do!

Click the picture below to zoom larger

weird yes, until you need  one

    Basic Toeclips and Straps
  • all are pairs
  • Zefal Zytel no-crack road toeclips S-M-L-XL $- out -
  • Zefal Zytel 'mountain bike' tall section toeclips M or L $29.95
  • Zefal Zytel half-clips SM-LG $ - out -
  • Cyclist Choice Black nylon toestraps $9.95
  • Cyclist Choice new VP Black Leather toestraps $19.95
  • New! VP natural brown Leather toestraps (long!) $19.95
  • New! VP now in light or dark brown $19.95
  • click
  • S O M A DOUBLE WIDE Black leather toestraps $29.95
  • S O M A DOUBLE EARS toeclips $29.95
  • Cyclist Choice DOUBLE EARS steel toeclips chrome or white $19.95
  • S O M A DOUBLE EARS, DOUBLE STRAPS toeclips $29.95
  • Cyclist Choice Wide one-strap steel toeclips chrome or white $19.95
  • Zefal nylon toestraps (limited colors) $- out- , use ALE
  • S O M A PAKE tough PVC toestraps, bright colors tougher than nails. Really. $19.95
  • if you liked French Toutan toestraps, these SOMA are like those!

A few of these things can all fit in a 2-day packet -
anywhere in USA for eight bucks

    Esoteric Toeclips and Straps
  • Zefal - Christophe Chromed road toeclips S or M $49.95 (L are -all sold- )
  • A.L.E. chromed steel toeclips -out-
  • A.L.E. Stainless Steel toeclips size M only $49.95
  • A.L.E. Doppio Pista chromed steel doubled toeclips Large only $49.95
  • Christophe Leather toestraps; Pro White, sometimes colors $39.95
  • A.L.E. Italian leather toestraps Blue $19.95
  • MKS Real leather toestraps black, natural, Pro White, heavy buckles $39.95
  • A.L.E. Premium white professional leather toestraps $29.95
  • A.L.E. Pro buckles Nylon colors Red Yellow Blue SilverGrey straps $34.95
  • Shimano three-bolt grey nylon toeclips size LL only $39.95
  • Shimano three-bolt blue nylon toeclips ONLY 'LL'$39.95
  • Shimano hardware packet -six screws and two triangular plates -out-
  • MKSchromed steel toeclips sizes M-L-LL*$19.95
  • TOSHI premium laminated leather Keirin straps, white only $89.95
  • Bianchi genuine Italian vintage leather Celeste straps $ O U T
  • Campagnolo standard style chromed toeclips link below
  • Campagnolo standard style aluminum toeclips link below
  • Cinelli standard style aluminum toeclips link below
  • Campagnolo vertical bolts 'aero' chromed toeclips link below
  • Campagnolo vertical bolts 'aero' aluminum toeclips link below
  • Campagnolo Classic toeclips, straps, pedals CLICK HERE
  • 3Rensho Original Keirin straps made by Sugino * s o l d ou t *


We have available a few pairs of CicloLinea Italian toestrap end pull tabs, $4.95 MKS end pull tabs $9.95
Click to enlarge photos
Last ones Classic cute cute

*Here's the note to go with that asterisk
Japanese toeclip sizes
are scaled smaller than
Euro toeclip sizes.
    Japanese S equals Euro XS
      Japanese M equals Euro S
        Japanese L equals Euro M
          Japanese LL equals Euro L
            Japanese don't produce Euro XL

Cleats for traditional toeclip pedals on modern shoes

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