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The Union-Marwi (also labelled Kettler or Basta) German Halogen headlamps have a nicely designed copper connector on their underside . That's where you connect the lead wire from your dynamo

Here's a simple spade connector:

Just press that onto the copper tab

Those connectors are available at Radio Shack or most hardware or automotive parts stores

This is the small square plastic connector supplied in the dynamo set. Strip about six millimeters of wire and pass the bare end through the square connector

Bend the wire back over itself

Press the connector firmly onto the copper tab

The other tab, the silver one, is an alternate ground. On some bikes ( if there's a carbon fork or a nylon headset, for example) you may need a second (grounding) wire. If you do, connect the ground wire from the silver tab to any ground, such as the bolts in the dynamo mounting bracket

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