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Suntour Front Derailleur
This page has some interesting and unusual items along with some hard-to-find technical information. Of course we have the full range of current model Campagnolo derailleurs and control levers, SRAM and Shimano equipment too. It is unlikely that we will ever have the lowest price on the internet for a mid-level Shimano changer so we just don't bother to list them but they are in stock here.. If you need service we do have inventory and we have a fair price but we have no special relationship with Shimano or any different Shimano midrange stuff than any other bike shop.
Many of these have sold through and we cannot source more. Please call
zees ees very French!Complete Huret Derailleur Guide

Suntour fronts are stiffer! Suntour XCD front changer
We are sold out of Suntour XCD and XCLTD fronts now

this 1982 logo gave Suntour a corporate look like Shimano. They dropped the 8.8.8. trademark which I liked better

Suntour Vintage Tech Book

More NOS Vintage Suntour Equipment
We are sold out of Suntour XCD and XCLTD fronts now
These work better than most modern ones!Suntour XC Ltd front changer

A classic designShimano New 105 front changer

Shifts great! Shimano Sport LX front changers*SOLD OUT*

Excellent touring performanceShimano Deore XT front changer

New! We found a supply of classic full-size touring fronts- and a few others not pictured
can't buy much new of this style

way too many types
These solve problemsShift pod remote mounts

low price, good qualityShimano XTR front changer

Paul Goniu likes theseSunRace road rear derailleur*OUT*

Sugino VIC rear derailleur*OUT*

Classic looks- fits old cranksHuret Rival touring front changer

Is that cute or what?Simplex "Polish National Flag Colors" front changerSOLD OUT

Best for wide triples
Simplex L J LJ Triple Tour Front [Simplex's head genius was Lucien Juy]
Some similar Simplex doubles & triples in 28.6 and also Simplex Pattern Braze various $84.95 to $125

Suntour XCPro long cage rear derailleur*OUT*

we have hundreds of items like this to support virtually any bike we've sold in thirty yearsShimano 6208 shifter bosses

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