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Reading the cycling press today, you might get the impression that every bike in the world uses integrated brake/shift levers and a nine or ten speed cassette. Nothing could be more misleading! In most of this world the standard bicycle is still a single speed and many riders ( like me!) prefer a simpler classic shifting system for running errands and other short rides. Here at Yellow Jersey, we have tens of thousands of customers riding the bikes we've sold over many long years. So of course we support the bikes we've sold, be they five speeds, six, ten, twelve, eighteen or thirty!


  • SunRace Friction Stem Shifters $19.95
  • SunRace Friction DownTube Shifters 28.6mm only $19.95
  • SunRace assorted models Friction and 5, 6, 7 Index Top Shifters REAR $9.95 each
  • SunRace assorted models Friction Top Shifters FRONT $9.95 each
  • SOLD OUT chromed downtube cable stop for those, $-discontinued-
  • Shimano Index Stem mount shifters 6 speed $49.95
  • Shimano Index Braze on or 28.6 Clamp Downtube shifters 7 speed $49.95
  • Suntour Command Shifters 6 or 7 speed Index /Frction Mode $169.95

Here are some of the products customers tell us have become unusual or hard to find elsewhere:

  • Suntour Five Speed Winner freewheels $-out-
  • Suntour Six Speed Winner freewheels $-out-
  • Suntour Ultra (Narrow) Six Speed Winner freewheels $-out-
  • Suntour Ultra (Narrow) Seven Speed Winner freewheels $-out-
  • Suntour separate sprockets and spacers click:
  • more on vintage Suntour Winner HERE
  • Sachs Eight Speed freewheels $-gone-
  • Regina 80-S Seven Speed freewheels $-out-
  • Regina Oro Six Speed freewheels $120
  • Regina Five Speed freewheels $-out-
  • Everest Aluminum Six Speed Superlight freewheels $228
  • SunRace 14~28 Five Speed freewheels $19.95
  • SunRace 14~28 Six Speed freewheels $24.95
  • SunRace 13~28 Seven Speed freewheels $29.95
  • SunRace 13~24 Seven Speed freewheels $29.95
  • SunRace 13~28 Eight Speed freewheels $39.95
  • Shimano 14~28 Six Speed freewheels $24.95
  • Shimano 14~24 Six Speed freewheels $29.95
  • Shimano 14~34 Mega Six Speed freewheels $29.95
  • Shimano 13~28 Seven Speed freewheels $29.95
  • Shimano 13~34 Mega Seven Speed freewheels $29.95
  • IRD Cromed Freewheels Five Six and Seven $59.95
  • click for IRD Freewheel sizes
    IRD Defiant Freewheels will be replaced late 2014 with
    New IRD Classica Freewheels 5,6,7 speeds $59.95

  • Extensive cog support for SunTour Winner freewheels
  • Moderate cog support for Mailard Helicomatic freewheels
  • Limited cog support for Shimano New600 and Dura Ace Six speed freewheels
  • Limited cog support for Shimano Sante Seven speed freewheels
  • Limited cog support for Shimano Six and Seven speed cassettes
  • Sketchy cog support for classic Regina/Atom 5,6 speed freewheels
  • No, 'extensive' does not mean every single size but we'll try to help

And to go along with that, we stock SunRace friction shifters for downtube (clamp on) mounts, stem mounts and top (MTB) mounts.

Many riders still have classic era cranksets with gearing that suits their riding style. Unfortunately, starting in the 1980s, the clearance between the right crank and the outer chainring became much wider to accommodate newer thicker front changer cage plates. New fat front derailleur cages cannot fit in the older smaller format cranks. So we stock vintage front changers which slip nicely in the small space available in your classic crank system.

not new

Early model Shimano UG cassettes which fit the pre-Hyperglide hubs. They are and just $ S O L D O U T

New! Vintage Shimano Stem Shifters!
SIS-6 $49.95
SIS-7 $--out--; use modern SunRace SIS-7 $19.95
n.o.s. New In Original Package Nice cast casing stop!click six

Autex One Key Release

Chain has also seen big format changes. Today's skinny cassette designs require a chain with smaller outside dimensions ( Inside clearance hasn't changed, so all 3/32" chain will drive any new or old tooth pattern). We have available KMC basic chain with classic format rivets. You can easily set the rivets yourself with a normal chain tool because they stick out the side quite a bit. These give much better shift response, especially on classic fronts, than new chain. If you have a particularly wide range front and need a really fat chain, we've come across some vintage Wippermann derailleur chain (They were packed in cosmoline for nearly thirty years!) that's a whopping 9.2 millimeters across the rivet. Modern Campagnolo Record Ten chain by contrast is about six. You can see where this chain still has a place in the world!

And whether you're slathering your old bike with love or building a project bike from a foundling, we have the assorted clips and clamps , hardware, springs, adapters, anchor bolts, adjusters and spare bits that get you out of small problems. Call and we'll help. CHAIN PAGE

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