Thread Repair
by Filling In New Material
at Yellow Jersey

Below, fork thread restored
it lives again
wrecked restored

Below, BB thread restored
it lives again

Below, same BB with primer and paint
it lives again

The above BB was originally French Metric m35 xP1.
It was not damaged.
At customer request, we filled both sides.
Once the frame's BSC , crank bearing assemblies are both
more available & less expensive.

Fork Thread Restoration
built up

Taps and dies are the tools for cutting internal and external threads respectively. Those processes are subtractive - they can't add material where loose or crooked pieces have damaged the threads. Where thread material has been severely compromised, we can often restore the piece by adding material and then cutting crisp new threads

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it lives again

Above and below are our exclusive Campagnolo Titanuin Nitride tooling in action it lives again it lives to crash again

Simplex or Huret ends? Rework for modern standard changers!

Simplex $50 Huret $25

Bores filled and machined
it lives to crash again

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