nearly Perfect All Original Raleigh
1981 British Built model DL-1 Roadster
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    All original and stock, one-owner 1981 Raleigh classic model DL-1 Roadster
  • Standard format 24-inch frame x 28-inch wheel Roadster
  • Basic Black goes with anything
  • Standover 865mm, about 34 inches
  • Original Sturmey Archer AW gearbox, original shifter & cable
  • Yes original indicator
  • Clean and original all over - note no mudguard dents
  • Original Raleigh front axle "R" nuts
  • Original Brooks B.66 British Leather saddle
  • Original Raleigh-ESGE center stand and frame pump
  • Yes original Raleigh tires! Everything's 'just right'!

more photos: Showroom Perfect
Showroom Perfect
Showroom Perfect
We sold this new, the original owner babied it on sunny days so it remains completely 'showroom perfect'. It will be sold on ebay , please do not ask for any other arrangement.
NOTE WELL Roadsters inherently exceed standard shipping dimensions and hence incur 'oversize' surcharges for delivery
Showroom Perfect
Showroom Perfect

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