Harvey Spiegelhoff,
National Cycling Champion

Still strong

I met Harvey Spiegelhoff in 1973 when he brought in a 1936 maroon and chrome Paramount with a broken fork. An early morning crash left this beautiful bike mangled. After visits to a couple of other shops, someone directed him our way.

As it happens, Jim Adney had ordered a large selection of framebuilding components and Reynolds tube from Holdsworth earlier that year. We had the exact Belgian cast track crown in stock along with the right size Reynolds round sprint blades. With a pair of Campagnolo fork ends and a few hours matching paint, I was able to put Harvey's bike back on the road with a new straight fork. One cannot tell mine from the original except for the shiny paint.

Harvey Spiegelhoff clocked out from his bookkeeping job one Saturday afternoon in 1936, leaving Milwaukee, with his track frame strapped to one side of a borrowed motorcycle and a pair of racing wheels on the other side. In the days before the Interstate it took all night long to ride to St Louis, where he won the US National Track Championship and then rode straight back all Sunday night long.

In Harveys words,
"You dasn't be late or some other guy would have your job".
The maroon Paramount was a custom built 1936 US Team issue bike

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rides every day
Mr Spegelhoff demurred on an offer of fireworks. He says:
"Fireworks? Oh, no! Those upset the cows"

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