Yellow Jersey's
New Year's Ride

1 January, 2004, High Noon.

Ride started at the
famous Gino's right here on State Street.
Our hosts, Gino Gargano, the ever gracious
Wassay, & the charming Gino's Waitresses
welcomed us at High Noon.

Old friends, new faces, much coffee and then
off into the new year!

We will be served by Gino's charming and attentive waitresses but probably not this very one

Click either photo to see the 2004 apres-tour photos!

Can you see yourself here?

A fine turnout
It was great to see New Year's Ride
co-founders, Dr Jerry Klotz & Fred Gooding. who rode the first one in 1969

    All About our New Year's Ride
  • Show and go- those who show up decide where to go
  • No entry fees
  • No whining
  • No reservations
  • Helmets optional
  • Coffee recommended, espresso preferred
  • No whining
  • You are welcome and we promise not to drop you, this is not a race
  • We aren't bike snobs, either. Your bike is OK as is
  • Just by showing up, you are at risk of being photographed for our web page
  • No whining, we mean it

1 January 2004

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