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Bicycle Handlebar Stems
at Yellow Jersey
whatever you call these, we ran out.
We can no longer have them made for us!
It's all over for OS+ / Evolution Quill Stems

If you are not sure, measure your stem diameter where it goes in the fork.
If you do not have a caliper, wrap a paper around the stem, mark the circumference. Lay it flat and measure
25.4 times pi is about 80mm . That's "oversize"
28.6 times pi is roughly 90mm , or OverSize Plus

We are sold out and now unable to acquire more
All our stem vendors report that they no longer keep suitable stem material to make EVO sized quills

We do stock all the Santana threadless EVO stems, all lengths from 70mm through 120mm in both lo-rise and hi-rise formats, $59.95

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this item. All else, click for how to order

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