R33 Frameset
Yellow Jersey

Waterford has built a solid reputation for doing it your way. Their beautiful frames have been at the pinnacle of steel framebuilding for ten years. The other side of the business, Gunnar, has opened top quality American made steel frames to a wider audience very successfully and, just like Waterfords, built and finished the way you like.

So, ever wonder what top framebuilders would build if it were their choice not yours? Here's one answer, Waterford's incomparable R-33

Based on True Temper's air hardening S3 tube set, it just starts out light and keeps going. We used a normal Campagnolo Record ensemble for ours with no silly-light bits, Campagnolo Moskva rims with regular Michelins, a normal Flite saddle and usual Italian bars and stem - no carbon even. This bike is still just a tad below 18 pounds as shown! And, like all Waterfords, it rides like a real bike, not an art project!

Here's another stunning example of Waterford's R33

and more R33 bikes!:

Any color is just fine!

Yet more happy R33 owners:

basic black goes with anything - espacially Chorus

Here's another classic Black R33:
Black's popular for this frame
Black can accent differently every season by changing color of a few parts
new graphic for 2007
Here's another in Gios Bluecute and nearly Italian

Hey I need one of those! I'll take it!

Here are more Waterfords

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