` Shoes at Yellow Jersey
Shoes at Yellow Jersey
We're picky about shoes. We primarily sell SiDi products and have found no better shoe since 1977. You may have noticed our SiDi link elsewhere in our website but in case you missed it here's another link to SiDi

they look nicer in the flesh

Click the picture of two SiDi shoes for a larger version.
We stock sizes - deeply - in

    SiDi Genius-5 shoes
  • SiDi Genius 5 medium, $240
  • SiDi Genius 5 narrow, $240
  • SiDi Genius 5 Mega wide, $240
  • SiDi Genius 5 Ladies, $240
  • some Prior Year SiDi at reduced prices- call !

Latest photos at SiDi
We stock sizes 37 through 52 in widths and both black and color mesh version

We keep a smattering of sizes in SiDi triathlon products, SiDi Ergo-1 Carbon, the version which rides and fits exactly like the Genius, and the Signature Carbon as well. We are committed. We stock all the accessories, insoles, buckles, small parts, cleats, etc you could ever want. and we even do repairs to crashed SiDi shoes

In the offroad format, we keep a random smattering only in the offroad/cross Dominator-5, Dominator-5 Women, Dragon models, again including both narrow and a Mega (wide) besides the standard width and Ladies' shoes There is no difference in fit and no difference in quality among these Italian shoes although obviously features vary. I mean, hey, some guys just need a carbon sole and who are we to question that?

SiDi began a second series in 2003. That series is less expensive and now coordinated into the SiDi 'normal Italian' system for fit and quality. Call for details or click to SiDi above.

SiDi shoes were developed by a genius Italian named Dino Signori.
That's written SIgnori, DIno in European. So now you know that!

With perfect timing, just as I was engaged in a torrid affair with a smart and charming Vegan cyclist , SiDi changed their uppers from dead cows to the current DuPont Lorica material. The Lorica material looks and feels just like top quality Italian processed leather, but it's not leather..
Years ago the advice on cycling shoes was 'buy 'em tight - - they stretch'. That is no longer the case.
Modern DuPont Lorica shoes will not hold water so they fit the same today as they will in five or ten years. As a bonus, they will not smell, rot or mold and you can clean them easily with a cloth wrung out in hot soapy water.
Oh, and they are 100% Buddhist /Vegan compatible. No dead cows were used in the fabrication of this product

Confused? Did we forget something? Just email us!

Absolutely NO returns on special order shoes!!

If you have ever owned Italian shoes you're already familiar with the great fit. SiDi goes even better by making these shoes extremely serviceable and we stock small parts for them. SiDi's buckle system is analogous to a toestrap- lift to click just a bit tighter and press to release one click looser. It's neat to be able to do that with one touch during a climb.
We realize that professional styled shoes are not appropriate for every rider and so we've once supplied various models of more casual shoe that fit well and work fine.

Sadly, no more LAKE, no more 661, no more Answer

Even more sadly I see that Chinese made walk-around SPD shoes are about fifty bucks on Amazon
That's less than we can pay for shoes so if that's what you want, that's where they are.

archival image only
Answer shoes are no more
Lakesport was once the importer of SiDi shoes but now defunct!

remainder deleted


Try on your new shoes indoors and make sure they fit. Years ago cycling shoes were made of thin leather and stretched to fit. Today's modern materials (there's no leather here, vegans) do not stretch. They will not break in. They are not supposed to be tight. You can add an orthotic insert but, except for that, your new shoes come out of the box with the same fit they will have next year. When you try on bike shoes for the first time you will think they are too big. That's because bike shoes are cut much rounder at the front both horizontally and vertically than dress shoes. That's just the way it is and it's that way so your toes have plenty of room. If there's any pressure against your toenails your shoe is too small.

Call 608.257.4737 to order. We'll need your daytime telephone number, shoe size and model, shipping address and credit card number. Wisconsin residents get to contribute an additional 5.5% for something but I forgot what it's for. Shoes ship to addresses in the continental USA for $12. We will not ship until we confirm by email. If you need a size we don't have today, your card is not billed until the day we ship them. You may also order through PayPal.



When it's cold out, and in Wisconsin we've become experts on that, your head and feet are the critical points to watch for riding comfort. We carry nice thick Neoprene shoe covers for toasty rides down to below zero (F). Click for our winter riding page

Our neighbor Annie's feet

You are going to own your shoes a long time.
If you're not sure and need advice, click

A page of pedals on sale

Telephone orders


& 608.257.7733

FAX 608.635.0250

How to Order Shoes

S H O E _ P R I C E _ P O L I C Y

We price every pair of shoes as they arrive. On any given day, due to our suppliers' increases over time, you may reasonably find SiDi shoes on our shelf at twenty dollars less than another identical pair next to them. Nothing is 'wrong' . Please buy the less expensive shoes first. If you recall the sensible accounting principle FIFO, we'll go with that.
Thanks again,

Shoe Clearance!
We have only a few pairs of SiDi shoes that are not current.
There are some road, triathlon and offroad shoes, all new in the box
Any of them now just $100

    New Prior Year SiDi Sale $100 Shoes
  • [ sold shoes have been removed]
  • SiDi Mystery 41 Ladies' Blue/Silver
  • SiDi Lightning 41.5 Ladies' Blue/Silver
  • SiDi Lightning 41.5 Ladies' Silver/Grey
  • SiDi Lightning 42.5 medium Silver/Grey
  • That's it.
  • Please don't ask if there's one more your size on sale
  • There isn't.

A Tranche of Vintage
Italian Cycling Shoes

Limited selection; first come first served

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