The Original Yellow Jersey at 601 University Avenue

Our first real home was the former Whalen Transfer and Storage building,

Sean Morris
just across the street from the nicest refuge and warmest haven, Dudley Howe's 602 Club.
Link to our founder Sean Morris

in Japanese, 'danchone'-the feeling one's heart shall break

More nostalgic photos :

Sean Morris
Sean Morris, our founder and driving force, hard at work at our first sales counter

Tom Helke
Tom Helke, a great help to us.

Rick Ball
National Team member Rick Ball, shown here in his Rudy Seno jersey about 1971. Rudy Seno was a formalwear businessman from Chicago who generously supported our sport in general and specifically Rick for many years. He passed away in 2001 and will be sorely missed

Here is our first home, photo taken from the front of the 602 Club

We had class if little else. John Kucharik still sews our jerseys, but we've got a new younger model John Kucharik now.
we ell a lot of real, natural WOOL Kuchrik products

Sean Morris
And this passed for a work environment. Spare but functional with Sean again.

Nancy M Braem
Madame President, Nancy M Braem, our leader.

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