f Yellow Jersey 1972~1974 at 613 University Avenue Madison WI
Yellow Jersey 1972~1974

613 University Avenue Madison WI

photograph by Michael Heckman who came 
from Merrill WI

Our second home was at one time a grocery with 8000 feet of clear span and skylights. This was a beautiful building that allowed us to grow and learn until the City made it a gravel lot.
We were evicted in October, 1974. Our block was razed but no work was done with the rubble until it was paved for parking and meters added in 1982. The planned 1974 building was started in 2000 after 26 years of typical administrative dithering.
.YJ Staff photos from 1973 by John Francis Clavin

Here's our team of strong young men from the era.  All have gone on to interesting and productive lives, scattered across the earth

our Only Hour
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o death, where is thy sting?


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