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Water Bottles

New! 2017 Yellow Jersey Bottles $3

It never ends.  .  .   I hope

Historic Section for Prior Art Bottles
This is our subtle bike shop water bottle. It says 'Holstein' , but oh so quietly.
Various top colors

Holstein Bottle $- out-

Link to Holstein Bottle
Our State is known for Holsteins. They are good looking cows commpared to a Jersey

Here's a vintage shop bottle with a sprinkling of local politics on the back.

Mayor Bauman Bottle $S O L D O U T -

Every city has a City Staff. And they win. Link to Mayor Bauman Bottle
Not that one mayor is any different from another

Here's another discontinued vintage bottle:
Link to Mission Bottle
Genuine Official Bottles, not copies
Our Yellow Jersey Bottles are $3, genuine Tour de France official team issue bottles are $6.95. Campagnolo official bottles are discontinued Those two bottles are held in a Profile AquaRack that clips behind your seatpost, $29.95

Here's a clever idea for a water bottle print. I only did the artwork.
Poison Bottle$3

From New York but applicable everywhere. At least NYC water tastes good

All standard size 500ml bottles are $3.00, Large bottles $4.
Besides these we have plenty of solid colors and random prints, including Bianchi, Raleigh and topical designs.
Real European Tacx & other Team Bottles, recent years, various $6.95
Vintage Euro team bottles, new NOS, various $9.95

Do you have a frame without water bottle mounts built in? Most clamps we've seen are crude, ugly and scratch your paint.
Fortunately your problems have been solved by Minoura
Really Works Easy Install

Zefal Gizmo is discontinued. Prior links: Gizmo Photo and also Gizmo Directions

NO (br>some

    Water Bottles
  • 500ml standard bottles $3
  • Yellow Jersey or Poison 500ml $3
  • Real Euro Pro 500ml $6.95~$9.95
  • 22oz Big Bottles$4
  • Zefal Magnum 33oz $-out-
  • Zefal Isotherm Plastic $-out-
  • Zefal Aluminum Isotherm $- out -
  • Zefal Child bottle w/clip $ -out-
  • New SOMA Japanese cages in colors $14.95
  • Basic Aluminum Cages $7.95
  • Minoura Pro Cages $14.95
  • Torelli Stainless Cages $19.95
  • USA KingCage Stainless $19.95
  • USA KingCage Titanium $79.95
  • Tacx Pro Holland Cages $14.95
  • Bianchi by Minoura $29.95
  • Nitto 'Hourglass" Stainless "R" $89.95
  • Nitto 'Hourglass" Stainless "T" $89.95
  • Nitto 'Hourglass" tubular Stainless "80" $149.95
  • Minoura Real Gold Plate cages $79.95
  • I made this list just to include those gold cages
  • Tacx Real Pro cages - no welds=no cracked welds $19.95
  • Zefal Gizmo Cage mounts $-disc-
  • use new Minoura stainless mounts $14.95
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