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Girls need nice ones too

Short girls need nice ones too

Something different
The above are sold out but the photo was interesting, I thought

Superbe Pro Triple 110/74 $-disc-
Superbe Triple from SR-Suntour Taiwan is discontinued

Sugino XD Pro - click Next Page
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A Ritchey for half the price

Below: Sugino RD5000 130mm Single Ring Crank
Our best value single speed / track crank.
These beautiful Sugino RD-2 are available in 170mm OR 165mm 48t (130mm) and just $119.95

Call today! Buy it now!

we have more
Above; NEW Sugino RD-2 $119.95 170 x 48t or 165 x 48t
occasionally THIS CRANK WITH CROWN LOGO!! call! RD2 with Sugino Messenger Ring $149.95

NEW! Campagnolo Carbon Chorus

really different, really light

New mostly sold, use new Hirth model lower prices!!

    Campagnolo Carbon Square Taper
  • Record Carbon $-out-
  • Record Carbon Compact $-out-
  • Chorus Carbon $ -gone-
  • Chorus Carbon Compact 172 $*OUT*
  • Centaur Carbon Compact 172 only $399
  • Centaur Carbon $=out-
  • 2009 & later - new UT cranks are lighter, in stock, all formats
  • Compact uses standard Campagnolo bottom bracket

We have some 2005/2006 Campagnolo classic cranks
new in box, call for availability
Also ALL new 2011 HIRTH Campagnolo cranks
Click here for image

Send an email inquiry.

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608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733

we answer early and late!

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Autex One Key Release

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