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Finally improved

Sugino XD-2/600 $119.95 triple $119.95 double

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Sugino cranks:
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
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2 0 1 5 U P D A T E
We now have the Crown Logo
Same price in 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 length arms.
some availability of new Name Logo. Call for updates

    Sugino XD Pro Triple
  • 165 -170 -172.5 - 175
  • 26 (74mm), 36.48 (110mm)
  • aluminum rings with ramps and stainless pins
  • Sugino's best Japanese forged material
  • Sugino's best clear anodized finish
  • For huge detailed photo, click here
  • For details on our Compact Double Option, just click here

      Format, ring(s),suggested Tange sealed BB spindle, Q ("tread"), approximate weight, price,
    • Triple, 26 -36 -48, BB-113mm, Q-169mm, 590g, $119.95,
    • Compact, 34 - 48, BB-107mm, Q-164mm, 520g, $119.95
    • Single , 46, BB-103mm, Q-159mm, 485g, $119.95
    • many more cranks of course

    very best & Cheap too

    Tange BSC 68x 107, 110, 113, 118, 122.5
    IRD (made by Tange) special 103mm BSC $39.95
    In other formats, we have other products!
    New! Italian thread! French thread! Swiss thread!
    call or email please
    Inquiry? Just click here to email and we'll try to help

    Miche Pista
    Miche forged 165 x 46t $195
    For a big, detailed picture, click the image orhere

    Modern Classic

    Campagnolo Professional Pista $399

    165 or 170mm. Choose one:46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 [130mm] Thick profesional Avional aluminum rings perfectly gear cut. Campagnolo's best cold forged Avional arms with clear anodized finish. For huge detailed photo, here

    As always, we support our components with spares too damn many rings

    We have some 2005/2006 Campagnolo classic forged aluminum cranks
    Also the newer 2007 HIRTH Campagnolo cranks
    plus current models

    Send an email inquiry.

    or call right now!
    608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733

    we answer early and late!

    Last Call

    Suntour XCPro $We're out - maybe forever. Call.

    180mm only 24t stainless inner, 36 and 46 hard anodized 'Power Ring' chainrings [110/74] Cold forged by Sugino with heavy clear anodized finish. These vintage cranks are still considered among the very best 110/74 ever made. Liimited supply new in silver display box. For a huge detailed photo, here

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