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We received the first 2005 Campagnolo Record Compact cranks on 28 October, 2004

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At Long Last

Campagnolo 2005 Record Carbon Compact $-out-
use 2009 Campagnolo UT Cranks!

all crank lengths and 34-50 and with special modified 110mm format.
We stock damn near every ring size 34 to 56 teeth
add $25 for special Campagnolo Compact modification

You know you want one.

Just call us at 608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733

We can't put Record on every bike, either
don't despair!
Campagnolo's designers think of us, too!

inexpensive but not cheap!
Last 2006 series cranks sold out!
Campagnolo Centaur Compact O U T
Use new 2009 Campagnolo UT series cranks!

We have some 2005/2006 Campagnolo classic cranks
Also ALL the new 2009 HIRTH Campagnolo cranks

Send an email inquiry.

or call right now!
608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733

we answer early and late!

We can send one off to you today
in an Air Letter Pack for under $10

Send an email inquiry.

Heck, just call and buy one!
608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733

Modern Classic

Campagnolo Professional Pista $399

165 or 170mm.
47, 49 or 51 teeth. Add $20 for other sizes
Thick profesional Avional aluminum rings perfectly gear cut.
Campagnolo's best cold forged Avional arms
Meticulously hand polished to pefection with deep clear anodized finish.
Yes, perfect. As only the Italians can do! See for youself! Huge detailed photo, * click here *

As always, we support our components with spares too damn many rings

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