d'Alessandro Tubular Tires at Yellow Jersey

At $19.95, here's the best tire value we've ever seen.

We first sold these wonderful tubs somewhere around 1995 and have used tons of them ever since. We all remember good midprice tubulars and some riders complain those days are gone. Not here! These excellent long-fiber cotton tubulars are a zippy 290g and they run straight. I use them for my two commuter bikes. With the normal butyl tubes I don't even check the air sometimes for a week or two.

What this country needs is a good round $19.95 tubular

Why not dig out those nice tub wheels in your basement? You know, the ones with the 300g Fiamme rims that you loved so much. When you look at what clinchers cost nowadays, this is a good value!

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7 May 2003
d'Alessandro has just closed production of this tire effective immediately. We will now supply this tire, same manufacturer, same casing, same tread, same specs, same premium removable valve core , under our own label.
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13 May, 2003
We now supply the same tire, no longer under the d'Alessandro or Clement's TT label. This tire is made in the same factory as the d'Alessandros & Clements and, at least for now, still the same price. Our testers loved the samples, so we're confident about the quality even though we pay a bit more for these.


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