Typical Seatstay Repair
at Yellow Jersey

For some reason, early seventies European bikes are prone to seat stay
joint failure. It's disconcerting to suddenly feel "suspended", but this type of
failure is not at all serious or expensive
I once helped a DNR Water Chemist to rebraze his own bike, with instruction
in real time over his shoulder, after work one evening. With a schpritz of blue
paint, and he was on his way in less than half an hour!

This 1973 Raleigh Record came to us as a frame with major frame and fork
alignment problems and the seat stays dangling like this: looks bad, but no problem really
First, we remove any rust, scale and detritus from the area
looks bad, but no problem really
Then we fill the joint with brass.
Depending on your requested finish standard, we can finish file your repair - or not!
There's no difference in strength or function from a raw brazed joint like this
to a crisply filed sculpture.
looks bad, but no problem really
At your request we can finish nicely with clean/etch/ primer/ wetsand/ paint to match
for a beautiful result!
Here's a pair of cantilever brake bosses brazed by Tim on a cute pink bike!
looks bad, but no problem really

Aerosol primer/paint like this pink frame is FREE with torch work
We can blend in glossy, solvent-resistant DuPont Nason acrylic enamel with an airbrush, by estimate

Don't panic. We can help
Our modern low-profile cantilever sets ($14.95 per wheel) have plenty of clearance
for mounting on mixte stays - or anywhere! Curiously, more expensive model brakes
have few, if any, advantages. They're are often less reliable, more difficult to set up and no better in
braking performance.
add or remove as required
add or remove as required
add or remove as required
add or remove as required

Here's a mid-80s Peugeot P8, a well made robot-brazed frame.
even robots have Mondays
Generally, these are well-made, light and handle well with their light
top tubes and heavy down tubes over a nicely balanced geometry.
This particular frame, however, came in just after closing, with a complaint
of 'chain falls off'
Here's what we found:
Or maybe Fridays
Turned out to be a simple repair!
We fix anything! Fast!
Our customer was walked in at 5:30 and was
riding home at 6:30!

Many small brazing jobs are surprisingly affordable!
looks bad, but no problem really
If you've been watching those little chrome cable guides, water bottle fittings
and all the other shiny little clips and clamps slowly devolve to rust,
perhaps a brazed part would help?
We can do that!
Most of these handy little things are very quick and inexpensive

it's always nice to buy something!
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