Bicycle Frame
Seat Lug Repair
at Yellow Jersey

Standard Euopean seat lugs are hollow where the bolt goes through.
If yours are crushed, we can slip a steel tube through the holes, fill the lug and then
machine everything nicely so it works and looks like a cast seat binder!


Click to see this very bike after full refinishing!
another sleeved and brazed
not yet filed

We also do dents and various other metalwork

Tube replacements of course and all steel frame service

Many more examples:
Head Tube
Frame Alignment
Fork Alignment
Everything , detailed and perfect
Everything , more than once
Frame alignment, brazing, machining, paint, related services

how to order

Alignments too!

No job too big
No job too small
No job too weird

Rust? We do that.

New Fresh Matté Navy Blue

Here's a striking and very light British built premium quality frame.
It's from the late 1950s or early 1960s
This pretty thing has had a hard life. A very hard life
And yet her beauty shows through

It was here for a seat lug repair

We can repair and rework just about any steel thing!

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