mobile version A Sampling of Bicycle
Frame & Paint Services
at Yellow Jersey

Tube replacements of course and all steel frame service
Many more examples:
Head Tube, Dents Raleigh, Bianchi, more
Frame Alignment
various Bridgestone
Everything , detailed and perfect 3Rensho
Everything , detailed and perfect Raleigh Professional
more Raleigh Professionals
and Nottingham Raleighs
really A Frame Named 'Traitor'
New tubes, new paint 3Rensho
Seat Lug repair, restoration paint Holdsworth, Western Flyer, Bontrager
Restoraton Respray Holdsworth Mistral Tourer
Restoraton Respray Bob Jackson and a Mercian
Simple Steel Frame Service Raleigh, also cantilever & V brake mounts

Bianchi Restoration Respray
Repair and Respray Kona
Threads and BoresPeugeots & Merciers etc
Cable runs, Tube Replacements Panasonic, Puch
New Frame Ends
More Frame Ends
Alignment, Respray DeRosa
1955 French Nervex Respray
Repairs and Resprays Guerciotti
Yet More Ends, Dents Borga, Bottecchia, Merckx, Chesini
Mario, Renato & Alcide Basso Gap classic Italian race bike
Frame Alignment Nishiki
Frame Alignment Vivalo, Tommasini
Repair & Restoration Tom Ritchey
Repair & Restoration Cinelli
Frame Repair Service American Masi 3V
Frame Repair Service American Masi Gran Criterium
Fresh paint on Ron Boi RRB Track Frameset
Odd Frame Alignment Firenze
Remove rust, respray Kelly
New Tubes & Respray Watson, Romic, Trek
New Tubes & Respray Sekai Miki
Head Tube Motobecane
New Tubes Pegoretti, some dents, Mirella respray, Paletti
New Filleted Tube Thorn Rohloff
New Tubes Waterford, Heron
Frame End Machining Redline
Frame End Machining Raleigh

Full Titanium Nitride Tooling
More Tooling
More Tooling Genuine 1939 South Bend
New Tubes, Restoration Paint Trek, Makino
Alignment, Dent Repair,Paint PDM Concorde, Merckx
Custom Machining
Chicago Paramounts
Bates England
Russian Soviet Era Pro Track Frame
USA made Independent Fabrications
Rossin; the Domenico Garbelli era
Respray of Handbuilt In Milwaukee frame
Respray of A Berton, Orleans France frame
Respray of exremely corroded US built frame, JI Case, Harley Davidson
Respray of Fiorelli built Coppi frame, Miyata, Univega

USA made stainless S+S couplers
S+S coupler user error

Gios Restoration Paint
Gios Repair and Paint
More Gios Respray
Change fork color
Rebuild forks
Some Colnago Repair & Respray
Team Z Lemond Restoration

before and after
Zeus, and even more Zeus
Holdsworth Restoration Paint

Original Graphics Original Transfers
Everything, in many iterations

Bianchi Pearl Celeste, Bianchi graphics

click big to see detail

More Bianchi Celeste Respray
Bianchi Super Leggeras
Nottingham Raleigh Nottingham Raleigh
Another Classic Raleigh
as Duane Hickling says, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing"
Frame service and machining, generally

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