Vintage Bicycle
and Drive Train Upgrades
at Yellow Jersey

Here's an example of what we can do for you and your vintage bike!

just say when

This is one man's bike, but it' sure not yours
As you peruse these
examples ,
note that we can use as much or as little
of your original bike as you desire.
As so often in bicycles, there are many paths,
each as unique as our diverse riders!!

just like new

Here's our report card:
"Please accept thanks for you and your crew in restoring and improving my vintage Trek 730. The ride feels exactly like it did before it was [damaged], and the modern Campagnolo components are a joy. The stiffness and terrific sensitive feel for the road I get with this frame is still there. While I still reach for the downtube shifters- (a little like a phantom limb after amputation) that will pass.

A comment on the modern components- The Centaur is a wonderful precise beautifully finished system, as one expects from Campagnolo. It makes the Ultegra system in my modern Trek 2300 seem a little "imprecise" though it's working just fine.

I am very pleased!

Replace damaged tubes
Aerosol primer & color
Makino Keirin Frame

Repair seat stays, roll and fill dents,
remove rusted fasteners, alignment
DuPont original colors
Customer's Campagnolo head & BB
Trek model 720 frameset

Early Trek 710
Resprayed, restored, rebuilt with original Super Record
Then some jerk opened a car door in traffic

Trek 720 Respray & Rebuild

1982 Trek 957 Team

1981 Trek 957 Team

1982 Trek 710 to 1981 710 Ice Blue

1981 Team 950

Maybe just a respray?
Indulge yourself, tell us what you like!

We can make YOU & YOUR BIKE this happy!
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Bent and Unbent at Yellow Jersey

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