All kinds of Handlebar Tape at Yellow Jersey.

not everything but damn near!

NO, we do not have everything.
But we sure do have a lot! Colors, patterns and US Flag tapes from Cinelli
Silva has closed, all Silva tape is sold
Selection varies frequently! Planet $9.95, Stella Azzuro $19.95, Deda NEW COLORS $19.95, Soma $19.95, New Soma Metallics including BRONZE & CHROME $24.95 Torelli Moda $19.95, Cinelli $19.95, New Cinelli Jelly $19.95, Cinelli Gel, Cinelli USA $29.95 Velo & XLC $9.95, FSA $14.95, Velox $9.95 MORE!
Chrome, Clear, some specialty styles higher.
And of course always the unloved colors on sale!
Brooks Leather Tape $79.95, Toshi Leather Tape [gone]
An-Atomica Leather Tape $54.95 various other leather please call! :
Nice Flag. I don't plan to be born anywhere else ever again

Also new are the "Gel" tapes from Cinelli, Silva, Deda, Ritchey, 3ttt, CicloLinea, Cyclist's Choice and others
Just like everyone else, we pretend the snazzy Italian package
makes some Chinese tape different.
We charge more for it, too. Just like everyone else
Cyclist Choice Tapeis packaged in Milwaukee by Katie Goniu herself with loving care. It's the best value
new colors! on any day we have a wide but inconsistent assortment
Silva has closed, all sold.
Cinelli and Deda continue in great profusion
no print too wild
no print too wild no print too wild

no print too wild click big!
all colors $19.95
one girl's meat is another's poison Just as Just as pretty as you feel
YES! ALL COLORS! YES! ALL PRINTS! just not every one every day
Please call.

Green Tape is rare!
Click for current selection of

Benotto Tape:
Not Italian even a littlebit
Benotto Tape

New 2016 production $9.95.
Not Italian even a littlebit
Benotto Tape

New 2016 production $9.95.
Limited vintage Benotto sets $29.95

all colors $19.95

oui, francaise.

Besides new, we have old as well. Not three rolls of dusty black tape in a corner, either.
Fresh natural cotton tape TressoStar-Velox & NewbaumsUSA
That's right, famous names you haven't heard before
All current colors, even the weird ones
Yes, every brand every color
but of course not every one every day. Please call.

Hunt Wilde "Almost Benotto Style" Tape
1972 Opaque Green$9.95
which is not Celeste

Genuine Sugino 75 Keirin Tape $**out**

And it wouldn't be Yellow Jersey without some oddball option like the incredible Tange Supple Tape
( I use this myself right now). An impressive breakthrough from the Japanese polymer industry

Nice and thin with no silly padding

    Tange Supple Tape $**OUT**
  • Two rolls of tape
  • Very Last Sets **OUT**
  • Includes double-sided tabs to finish
  • Very thin tape
  • Very grippy, moreso than cork
  • Cleans up nicely with hand soap
  • Lasts a good long while.
how to order

How about some nice Nitto Handlebars to go with that?

And on another plane- Brooks hand sewn genuine British Leather tape

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