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Japan's unique event, Keirin racing, is very strictly regulated . Because Keirin is run by a
Japanese government agency and because Keirin's raison d'etre is actually
gambling (proceeds from which fund Japan's schools), it is absolutely critical that the
equipment be standardized, uniform and dependable.

Licensed profesional Keirin riders have their frames built to measure by a small number of Keirin
Certfied framebuilders. Foremost among them is the acknowledged master, Nagasawa

Certified Keirin components bear this NJS Keirin Approved label:

Few components are good enough

The quality standards are so high that Campagnolo Record Pista equipment didn't make it. Campagnolo
dedicated years to developing their Keirin Pista series, which was finally certified in 1987. We mention
that as an insight into the fanatically high standards of Keirin

Lately, we've seen a trend in road equipment to silly-light handlebars. Weights have plunged to the limits of
safety. And beyond. We don't generally recommend road bars below 200 grams. They exist if you are so
inclined. Some riders prefer them for their inherent flex as much as for the ultralight weight.

The exact antithesis of silly-light is Nitto Keirin gear.

Even big shouldered Keirin riders trust these bars

Nitto / Tokyo is a family-owned manufacturer of quality bicycle equipment.
no moped parts, no fishing gear, no electronic tchotchkes, just good solid bicycle parts
This is one of Nitto's oldest and best-known products.
Few handlebars are as heavy. We know of none more rigid.

classy lines, too

Nitto's matching Jaguar Professional Keirin stems show the same style. Elegantly plain, these 58-degree
Keirin Professional stems are cold forged and then hand polished to a seductively smooth finish.


The Jaguar forged aluminum model above
and on the left below
This steel is extremely real
Nitto Forged Steel("tetsu") Keirin stem on the right

Yes, there's always one just a bit nicer. Here it is.
Nitto's premium Professional Keirin stem, this # 65 is solid forged steel,
beautifully polished, seductively chrome
plated and comes in whole sizes only.
Sizes are nine through thirteen [90 ~130], one size longer than Nitto's aluminum model.
$159.95 anodized aluminum, $259.95 forged chromed steel
both stem models are meticulously hand polished to virtual perfection

    Nitto Dimensions
  • Nitto's NJShandlebar-stem interface is 25.4mm
  • Nitto measures handlebar width on centers
  • Nitto Pro Keirin stems are 22.2mm Quill format
  • Nitto NJS Pro Keirin Handlebars and Stems
  • Nitto Pro Keirin CrMo bars, sizes 38 - 40 - 42 $79.95
  • Nitto Pro Keirin CrMo bars, size 36 $89.95
  • Nitto Pro Keirin Hardened Aluminum bars, sizes 38 or 40 $99.95
  • Nitto Keirin aluminum stems 22.2mm quill, for BSC forks, 9~12, $159.95
  • Nitto Jaguar Pro steel Keirin stem, 58 degrees, sizes 9~13 $259.95.
  • Nitto Jaguar Pro steel Keirin stem, 65 degrees, sizes 9~13 $259.95.
  • *NEW!* Nitto O/S AH forged steel stem for Deda bar below $179.95
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  • and tell us which size you require

and a host of other Nitto product

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NOT a Nitto product!
These beautiful Italian Deda Velocita track bars are sure to turn heads at $119.95, 680 grams

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