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The most Italian of the Japanese framebuilders

Mr Nagasawa is not accepting any new frame orders

Mr Nagasawa runs a one-man framebuilding operation. When a man has such a depth of experience, rich international background and thousands of iterations of beautiful work, there's no need for anyone else. Mr Nagasawa builds near Osaka, Japan in a well-ordered shop with natural light and his own precision fixtures. There's a bevvy of clean Hitachi machines all around the room and a rack of glossy new frames by the door. As a certified Keirin builder, the cream of Japan's professional racing community seeks him out for his famous World Champion track bikes - just like the ones Nakano rode to nine consecutive World Championships.

When it has to be perfect . . . Nagasawa Keirin

Most of the builders who proudly grace their frames with the hard-won five color bands built one victorious frame for one rider on one day. Nagasawa does it over and over again.

The master at work

Here are some more details of his work:

Beautiful finishes on beautiful metal Nagasawa designs his own castingsl Italian style with Japanese precision Few builders can do this kind of work now I'd vote for him as one of Japan's Living National Treasures Few men can build at this level Impeccable brazing and filing Italian influence but at a higher quality level

And Mr Nagasawa is a lot of fun after work, too!

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Mr Nagasawa is not accepting any new frame orders

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