An Unusual
Bicycle Frame Alignment

at Yellow Jersey

We do a lot of alignment here.
After a while it gets to be routine
Monday mornings bring bikes which were outside
at bar time Saturday and walked on by drunks

Late afternoons are head-on crashes from traffic
maneuvers gone bad. Running stop signs, mostly.

There are a few roof racks into garage

The occasional merge with peloton

And a stream of derailleur into spokes

And then there was this:

weird, huh?'

weird, huh'

weird, huh'

Rider has no idea what happened in traffic one day

Here's a smashed Peugeot: French'

Not so French'

Not so French'

Here's a crunchy Gazelle: Dutch bike in NY'

Dutch bike in NY'

Dutch bike in NY'

Dutch bike in NY'

Another interesting alignment

More Frame Repair

The very O U T E R L I M I T S of frame repair

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