Bicycle Frame Repair (Aluminum End) at Yellow Jersey

We've done literally hundreds of bicycle frame alignments, machining and torchwork on steel frames. We have limited experience in aluminum frame repair. Here's a satisfying and successful job

This is a 2000 Raleigh C-40 whose rear derailleur engaged the spokes of the rear wheel.

When this happens, the mass of the bicycle at whatever speed it's moving is decelerated by the derailleur. It's the same amount of energy as accelerating the bike to that speed except more sudden. It's no wonder, then, that derailleur pivots tear, bodies snap and frames fail. f**ked
I did the groundbreaking repair like this on a Redline Conquest Cyclo Cross frame, so now we charge less and finish faster. Here's the First Aluminum End I Repaired

I have replaced a couple of hundred steel ends in steel frames but I do not have the neccessary equipment to weld aluminum. Moreover I am not qualified to estimate the effects of welding in an otherwise tempered piece. Might be OK, maybe not. I wouldn't know.

Later Raleigh models use a replaceable aluminum derailleur hanger tab and we stock it. With a carbide steel rotary file in a die grinder and careful measurement I shaped the stump to accept the new tab f**ked




I can repair many frame failures, call or email. It's not expensive to ship frames and I'm prompt, usually overnight turnaround.

I'm also blessed with two talented young men, Tim Bouche shown here after a small victory:

And of course Jon Kendziera, on loan to us from Jonny Cycles

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We sell frame ends for many frames


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