Bicycle Frame Repair (Aluminum) at Yellow Jersey

We've done literally hundreds of bicycle frame alignments, machining and
torchwork on steel frames. We have limited experience in aluminum frame repair.
Here's a satisfying and successful job

This is a 1999 Redline Conquest frame whose rear derailleur engaged the spokes of the rear wheel.
When this happens, the mass of the bicycle at whatever speed it's moving is decelerated
by the derailleur. It's the same amount of energy as accelerating the bike to that speed
except more sudden. It's no wonder, then, that derailleur pivots tear, bodies snap and frames fail.

Redline has been our main and often only supplier of twenty inch since the 1970s.
With a solid reputation for building BMX and freestyle frames that do not break under
horrendous abuse, Redline expanded their product line into cyclocross frames in 1999
and took the US National Cyclocross Championship first year out (repeated in 2000!)
These first year bikes have a large aluminum frame end ("dropout") and this particular
one was badly mangled.

I have replaced a couple of hundred steel ends in steel frames but I do not have the neccessary
equipment to weld aluminum. Moreover I am not qualified to estimate the effects of such
welding in an otherwise tempered piece. Might be OK, maybe not, but I don't know.
The 2000 and 2001 models use a replaceable aluminum derailleur hanger and we stock them.
With a carbide steel rotary file in a pneumatic die grinder and careful measurement I shaped
the stump to accept the new tab

I can repair many frame failures, call or email. It's not expensive to ship
frames and I'm prompt, often just a day or two.

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more frame repair

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We sell frame ends for many frames
We're asked that often. Here a short text on that subject
Last USA aluminum repair facility was Ted Croft
But I believe they are closed. To rework an aluminum frame, it has to be
stripped of finish, fully annealed then cut/welded and re-tempered then finished.
The welding and tempering bring up issues with heat warping of a closed figure.
Aluminum frames are usually not expensive enough to bear the cost.

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Here's a typical example of a general weld shop undaunted by our tempered high alloy materials

You can see the problems clearly.
We were only asked to make that look better, knowing that it's going to fail again


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