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Beautiful Gunnar Bicycle Frames from Yellow Jersey

We love Gunnars! They are built at Waterford, Wisconsin by the Waterford Precision Cycles staff, using the same premium air tempering seamless tubes, built on the same tables, painted in the same paint shop and designed by the same designer as Waterfords. Waterford's skilled staff will indulge your custom tastes but Gunnars are built to fit most riders with a dozen models in a broad size range with plenty of color choices at an amzing price!. Gunnars have premum stainless frame ends and beautiful fork options(or choose a trendy carbon fork if you wish!) under tough glossy finishes - and graphic options too The result? Take a look!

New Gunnar bikes bring smiles
New Gunnar bikes bring smiles

Or besides Gunnar's road bikes, check out their Cross, Tour and Offroad models. Now also fixed gear, sport and 29 frames too

Black is beautiful

Gunnar has also established a great reputation for light, strong offroad frames like these:

New Gunnar graphics for 2014

choose either classic or modern letter style of the Gunnar graphics
You could buy a mountain bike welded in China, but WHY?.

Thinking about travelling with your Gunnar? These beautiful bikes can be fitted with the American-made S+S coupler system such that you may simply separate it like this

Your new Gunnar fits into a case like this in minutes

The first time you'll think it impossible but it is easy!

looks broken doesn't it?

Yes even traffic yellowGunnar Cross or purpleGunnar Road

New Gunnars can be your choice of size and color as long as the color is yellow, blue, black or red. Wait there's more! Gunnar's "Color of the Month". Each month there's a new color.Here's a Cinnamon Candy over Gold Metallic:

We build them any way you like. Start from scratch and tell us what to do! Big and fast
November 2002 Gunnar Road

Big Bike - Big Guy

yes even red rims on red

many custom optionsCustom Green with Gold


custom in every way

nice handling and not expensive

And remember there's plenty you can do with accents on any color. We're available for fashion advice and we have all the cool equipment right here

coolthis Gunnar is cool.


Change the accent every season!

click to enlarge photos

Navy Grey Powder, cute&short

Campagnolo CX Cross

custom midnight blue
the night tripper

Ask for this month's color! And no, you can't have last month's color - it's all gone!

Silver on Silver
New model Gunnar Sport sample bike

OK, I want a new Gunnar! Now what do I do?

Gunnar First Ride Report:
I got a ride in before the rain hit and it was AWESOME. Thank you so much for guiding me through the process of getting this bike.
PS Andy was right apparently, it's a chick magnet. At a stop light on my way home with it on top of my car, a woman rolled her window down and chatted me up about the bike. Then asked if I'd want to take a ride sometime and gave me her phone number?!?!!?!?!!!!

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Gunnar Pearl Black
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Gunnar Red
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Gunnar Pearl Black
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Gunnar Pearl Black
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Gunnar Pearl Black
Gunnar Bamboo
Gunnar Disc Campagnolo
FlatBars FlatBars

Wild baby wild!
Black is Beautiful!
with Cerakote with Cerakote
Silver is too
very green
Red is faster
Orange is hot
custom color
custom geometry
custom color
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