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We build professional track racing bikes for both sprint and pursuit and we've been doing that for over thirty years so we know how to do that right.

More popular, however, is a fixed gear layout for commuting and training. For that, you don't absolutely need top professional equipment. In fact, clincher tires, a front brake (or a pair) and toeclip pedals are often preferred over a real Keirin or Pursuit setup for city riding.

We can build as you wish. Our suggested basic urban fixie build runs roughly $550 on your frame with quality durable equipment. Some equipment changes over time but you get the general idea. This is fairly typical of the bikes we ride to work ourselves in winter. When you're at a stop sign next to a messenger, take a look at her bike. Looks a lot like this, doesn't it?

As always, we'll listen to your preferences, we're very amenable to options not listed here (and we probably have the equipment you prefer in stock today!). We had to start somewhere but there's a wide range of taste. If you happen to have a saddle or a front wheel lying about we can work with your gear and adjust the pricing . You may as well use those toeclip pedals or the stem your roommate gave you. A good commuting bike just doesn't need to be expensive to be fun and dependable!

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Here are some popular hubs:

drilling too
Here are some popular hubs:

many drill
Here are some popular hubs:

many drill

    Here are some popular hubs:
  • Suzue fixed/freewheel 36, 32 or 28h $ - out-
  • Suzue 36, 32 or 28h fronts $34.95
  • Suzue Q/R fronts $44.95
  • Suzue Q/R fixed/freewheel rear $ - out-
  • Suzue Closed December 2006; Limited availability
  • Level Spline Drive Fixed Hubs
  • Level Rear $220 w/cog
  • Level Font $100
  • Level Rear $260 Spline Fixed / Free w/cog
  • Level Extra Spline Drive Cog $40
  • Miché pairs $189.95 36 or 32 holes.
  • Miché rears $ 129.95 36 or 32 holes.
  • Miché fronts $ 59.95 36 or 32 holes.
  • Campagnolo Record Rear $289, 36, 32, 28holes
  • Campagnolo Record Front $189, 36, 32, 28
  • Suzue ProMax fixed/fixed REAR ONLY 36, 36h holes $149.95
  • Suzue Closed December 2006; Limited availability
  • Formula Sealed Black high flange Fix-Free Pairs $89 36, 32, 28
  • Formula Sealed Black high flange Fix-Free Rears $59 36, 32, 28
  • Formula Sealed Black high flange Fix-Free Fronts $39 36, 32, 28
  • New! Formula type 32h Silver High Flange same price! 32h ony
  • Phil Wood High Fixed Rear $ 120mm
  • Phil Wood High Fixed Rear $ > 120mm
  • Phil Wood High Fixed/Fixed Rear $ 120mm
  • Phil Wood High Fixed/Fixed Rear $ >120mm
  • Phil Wood High Fixed/Free Rear $ 120mm
  • Phil Wood High Fixed/Free Rear $ >120mm
  • Phil Wood Low Fixed Rear $ 120mm
  • Phil Wood Low Fixed Rear $ >120mm
  • Phil Wood Low Fixed/Fixed Rear $ 120mm
  • Phil Wood Low Fixed/Fixed Rear $ >120mm
  • Phil Wood Low Fixed/Free Rear $ 120mm
  • Phil Wood Low Fixed/Free Rear $ >120mm
  • Phil Wood High Front $
  • Phil Wood Low Front $
  • note all Phil Wood above 36 or 32 holes
  • Other Phil Wood drillings at small upcharge
  • many other Phil Wood products in stock ask!
  • Phil Wood K E I R I N 8mm axle option available
  • Phil Wood COLOR option extremely limited availability call!add $ per hub
  • New Phil Wood Slotted Flanges, option add $ per hub
  • New Dura Ace high flange pairs $289.95
  • New Dura Ace Low flange pairs $249.95
  • New Dura Ace K E I R I N 8mm axle option with DA hub purchase add $50 per pair
  • pairs only!
  • New Dura Ace K E I R I N 8mm axles only , pair $79.95
  • pairs only!
  • We have no vintage track hubs today, all sold .

Phil Wood always in stock in natural aluminum finish.
Phil Wood occasionally runs color, so if you want a color, pre-book with us
and PhilWood will make your hubs when that color batch comes up next.
There are no standard 'in stock' colors at Phil Wood, you must pre-order all color hubs, any
Phil Wood model, add $50 per hub, color Phil are pairs only .

We have original Dura Ace 8mm chromed Keirin axles, not 'home cut' .
Phil Wood 8mm axle x 110mm Keirin conversion axles $120 each or $90 extra w/ new hub

We have track cogs in 1/8" and in 3/32" from 13t to 22t in various brands from $9.95 up
Cheap lockrings are $9.95 u.
DuraAce lockrings are $19.95.
Sugino Keirin lockrings are $19.95
Phil Wood lockring also fits Campagnolo Record $39.95
No French metric lockrings today

We have lots of chainrings, single freewheels, track cogs, lockrings and track cranks


Even our most basic fixed wheels are carefully built with Formula hubs, Wheelsmith / Asahi butted bright stainless spokes
and Velocity tubular or clicher ( or even mountain size! ) rims. We've been building custom wheels to order for
amost 40 years. In that long time we've learned one important thing:
Y O U R wheels are special!
Tell us what you like, what you need, what you want
Y E S ! , we can do that!
Standard rear ony fix-free wheels start about $99 with sprocket and freewheel. Generally, custom track wheels are roughly $300~$400 / pair
A pair built with Miche hubs are mid- $400
Campagnolo and Phil Wood premium fixed gear rear wheels are under $300.
Do please call us and we'll help! As with any custom wheel, we want to talk with you about
your riding style , your taste
and your expectations.
We can build extremely light. We can build extremely tough.
We can build visually distinctive wheels and very plain utilitarian wheels
We can build to meet your every desire

More about custom wheels click here

Miche Complete Pista Ensemble ( Crank, BB, Hubs, Headset, Seatpost, Cog, Pedals only $499.99 complete, no substitutions, BSC or Italian

Here's a nice accoutrement for the fixed maven:

Good with cream cheese, too

    TRACK ['peanut butter'] Wrenches
  • Vintage Suntour Sold Out!
  • Classic Campagnolo Sold Out!
  • same design chromed Cobra $39.95
  • Double-ended TA 14-15 $39.95 bright chrome
  • MKS 15mm x 8mm $14.95
  • NEW! Redline 14-15 sockets with 15mm pedal wrench. Handy size, $14.95
    Wheel Building
  • From a happy Gunnar owner
    "First let me tell you that I love the Campagnolo Veloce/Centaur group that you sold me in June for my Gunnar Sport. I love the Sport as well but part of my enjoyment of the bike is how well the components function. Also the wheels Aerohead/Centaur hub that you built are great. I am commuting on them along with other rides and they have performed flawlessly and I haven’t touched them at all in over 1,000 miles"

  • Bright Stainless Butted Spokes with chromed brass nipples, $30 per wheel
  • limit 48 pieces
  • black ,if you insist, $59 per wheel
  • Stainless Aero Blade ( front) 1.0mm x 2.65mm bright stainless Hoshi $90
  • limited sizes
  • We charge $25 to build a wheel right

all lengths too

More about custom wheels click here

We build as you like
sure, anything you like
We build to your taste Hoshi aero blade front spokes shown above

Hub Format* Spoke Material & Gauge*Spoke Count*Rim Size* Rim Section * Color
These pages fill up so fast!
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We can build you a first rate fixed/free rear wheel and convert
nearly any typical vintage 'sport' road bike into a Sensible
Fixed Urban Bike
, usually under $300!

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