SRAM [ne้ SACHS] Super Seven Gearbox hubs
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Remember your old classic Sturmey Archer AW three speed gearbox? The darned things were designed a hundred years ago, last revised in the 1930s. They are simple, robust and dependable - AW just plain Always Work. Unlike a derailleur system, the moving bits are all enclosed in an oil bath away from dirt, water, salt and the vicissitudes of an outboard dangling derailleur's proclivity to bending twisting and just plain degradation. Derailleur trouble may also be described as 'death by normal commuting'

The Germans went one better. Of all the more-than-three-speed internally geared hub systems available, SRAM [formerly SACHS] in Schweinfurt, Germany, developed a more robust and yet simple seven speed gearbox, the Super Seven now known as "S-7"

German of Course!

    SRAM Super Seven S-7 Gearboxes
  • SRAM Super Seven Gearbox $-discontinued-
  • SRAM Super Seven Gearbox with Coaster Brake $249
  • SRAM Super Seven Gearbox for Cable Drum and I- Brake $discontinued
  • SRAM, in their wisdom, says "buy a nine speed gearbox"
  • no, we do not make the rules
  • SRAM Front hub for Cable Drum "I-Brake" $29
  • SRAM I-Brake Drum system, add to front or rear hub $39.95
  • NEW I-Nine wide range gearbox 36h $420
  • option, add SRAM I-Brake Drum system, add to front hub $39.95
  • SRAM, in their wisdom, says "no rear I brake hubs". Discontinued
  • no, we do not make the rules
  • SRAM Super Seven Control Set - Twist Shifter, Cable, Clickbox, all fittings $90
  • SRAM I-Nine Control Set - Twist Shifter, Cable, Clickbox, all fittings $45
  • SRAM Penta Five Control Set - Twist Shifter, Cable, Clickbox, all fittings $-out-
  • SRAM Three small parts and controls $-call-
  • SRAM Gearboxes include :
  • SRAM axle nuts, cog, spacers; brake models include brake arm clip
  • SRAM Super Gearboxes DO NOT include control set
  • SRAM Control sets include shifter, wire, casing, clickbox., cable straps
  • All SRAM Super Seven hubs and I-Brake front hubs 36 spokes only

Photo below FRONT SRAM Drum I-Brake Hub and I-Brake
Rear hubs accept the same I-Brake assembly
Finally an all-weather bearing system

SRAM New I-Brake system
Above; I-Brake has same classic SRAM drum mechanism,
now with larger heat sink, easier to service, new lower price.
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SRAM Super Seven systems use an innovative an convenient control system. The twist shifter, cable, casing and control "clickbox" is a complete pre-set system. A simple wheel change is conveniently managed by unscrewing a small knurled screw on the outside with one's fingers. The control unit and cable slip off the hub out of the way. No need to dirty one's fingers. No fighting a spring-loaded cable carrier. No sensitive gear adjustments. Once the wheel's back in place, simply slip the control box back on the axle and secure with the knurled screw. It engages a ridge in the axle for perfect alignment each time - no guesswork!
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Say, that's a WIDE range!!

Say, that's a WIDE range!!

YES WE HAVE Maxicarhubs.
anyone else will tell you they no longer exist!

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