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Update: No more boxed sets of Modolo Pro short/long reach in colors. Silver Pro & other vintage Modolo sets

More about Modolo Professional brake sets

New! Long Dual Pivot Calipers

Standard Single Pivot Calipers

New 1976 original calipers

These original DiaCompe 610 calipers fit most quality bicycles made before 1980 and many after that
DiaCompe 610 $49.95/pair

NO MORE Ame Lever Cover Copies
* * * * S O L D O U T * * *
Click for original covers

And of course every imaginable brake shoe

Firesign:Shoes for Industry

And even more of those on our Vintage Brake Equipment Page

for restorations

Many vintage brake service parts new page!

New! [yet Old!] Suntour Superbe Pro Aero Brake Lever Covers!

Many cantilever and centerpull brake service parts even newer page!

BRM-730 are sold out. New Tektro Cantilevers are $14.95

BRM-730 are sold out. New Tektro Cantilevers are $14.95

we do this every March

More Brakes - Page Two

Go to Dia Compe's Aero Gran Compe brakes

Suntour Original Superbe New In Box

Technical Section for DiaCompe/Suntour U-Brakes

Suntour Sprint Professional Sidepull Brake Sets

New! Long Dual Pivot Calipers

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