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new, old, original, copy - we got 'em!

    Campagnolo Original Brake Pads
  • [top left] Triomphe Grey $14.95 each; $50/4
  • back in stock at last! Original Record like those but classic black $39.95/set of four
  • [center left] Sinterized $14.95 each; $50/4
  • [lower left] Athena-Chorus-Record SP $SOLD OUT
  • [lower right] post-2000 Record, Chorus $29.95 card/4
  • [not shown] 1996~2000 Record, Chorus $29.95 card/4
  • [top right] Genune Delta $25 each, $50/2
  • Please see also our Kool Stop USA inserts $20/set-4!
  • Kool Stop USA synthetic pads have clearly superior performance, yet look just like your classic vintage pads.
  • We also stock complete Kool Stop USA aluminum holders with replacable inserts


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We carry a broad selection of both original and aftermarket cables. Please see our cable page
New 2016! Pro brake cable sets in classic Italian colors with modern lined brake casing

Italian Yellow or Record Grey set with pro wires, caps & crimps $29.95

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fits most
These adjusters fit almost every professional quality caliper after 1968 - Only $24.95 complete. CampagnoloBrake Lever Covers Back to Top
choice is good
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The Classic Campagnolo lever was copied by many other manufacturers, so there is a broad range of aftermarket support

    For the Classic CampagnoloRecord (1968~1985) lever we have:
  • [clockwise; from top right]
  • Original Campagnolo Natural Latex Rubber covers $119.95/pr
  • Original Campagnolo white Cobalto/ Classic Record Latex Rubber covers $139.95/pr
  • Modolo #919 Anatomic Hoods black $-out-
  • DiaCompe Royal Gran Compe Latex Hoods $- out-
  • DiaCompe Royal Gran Compe White Hoods $- out-
  • AméUSA Vinyl Modolo Anatomic type Hoods $- out-
  • AméUSA Vinyl Campagnolo Record type Hoods $- all sold -
  • [AméUSA colors=> - nary a single set left. All gone. All colors. Period. No. ]
  • New SOMA IRD vinyl covers brown, white, black $29.95/pr fit classic 1968~1986 Record
  • Modolo #919 Anatomic Hoods Latex $79.95/pr
  • Modolo #919 Anatomic Hoods White -out-
  • Modolo #919 Anatomic Hoods Black - out - $/pr
  • Modolo #912 Record Type Hoods Yellow -all gone forever-

we didn't make it, we didn't sell it, we didn't break it. We're here to help
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    For other Campagnolobrake and Ergo levers, we have:
  • Current Ergo hoods [after 1999] black $29.95/pr
  • 1992~1998 'pointy" Ergo hoods black $34.95/pr
  • Delta/ C-180 hoods white =out= /pr
  • Delta/ C-180 hoods black$94.95/pr
  • Aero ([post 1999] lever hoods $39.95/pr
  • Cobalto hoods black $94.95/pair
  • Cobalto hoods white =out=/pair hoods only

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