Suntour Sprint
Professional Sidepull Brakesets
at Yellow Jersey

We have a limited number of these excellent vintage brake sets, differing only in finish from the Suntour Superbe Pro.

yes we do
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Suntour Sprint calipers are just a smidgen longer than other "450" calipers
Suntour says "40 ~ 50" rather than "37~47"
So, if you are just short a couple of millimeters these may help
At any rate they are forged arm, beautifully finished and a steal at only
$-sold out; completely out!

NEW ARRIVAL Original Suntour Superbe Brake Shoe Sets

Such a nice way to get those awful dual pivot things off your nice bike!

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We keep all Campagnolo brake parts
sure! C.L.B. Brakes and spare
Oh, what the heck! Just get the Superbe brakes!!
Or do you actually need long caliper brakes?

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