Standard Single Pivot
Caliper Brakes
from Yellow Jersey

When we were young and beautiful, bicycles came in a wide variety of formats.
Just as today!
The standard lengths for brake cailpers go back a long way
and single pivot calipers remain available at a moderate price

from $14.95 each
Front or Rear with standard nut.
all lengths

    Brake Caliper Reach Table, mm
  • Modern 450 caliper 39~49
  • 450 are not available in this style brake
  • use modern Dual Pivot caliper
  • Classic 500 sidepull 43~57
  • Classic 730 sidepull 53~71
  • Classic 810 sidepull 61~79
  • Classic 990 Sidepull 71~89
  • Classic 1000 sidepull 76~100
  • All above classic sizes in stock $14.95 front or rear
  • Obsolete 1080 sidepull were 84~108
  • Many lengths available in modern Dual Pivot calipers

never changes
pretty darned long

we have replacement small parts in stock

A note about Brake Mounting BoIts

    Classic brake mounting bolts = 3 lengths:
  • LONG fork cowns with 10mm nut
  • MEDIUM fork crowns with Allen sleeve nut
  • MEDIUM rear bridge with 10mm nut
  • SHORT rear bridge with Allen sleeve nut
If this is not clear p l e a s e call us!

caliper styles change periodically!
how to order

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