On Yoshi Konno,
3Rensho Bicycles
and Cyclone, Ltd.
at Kashiwa and Abiko, Chiba, Japan

Mr Yoshi Konno began his building career by unbrazing Cinellis acquired after
the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. His accomplished collegiate cycling career
brought him initial notice in the cycling community. He remained a
formidable cyclist through middle age, completing a quick double
century on his 40th birthday.

His famous customers include Koichi Nakano (most of whose
frames were Nagasawas), Dave Grylls (Pan Am gold medal),
Gibby Hatton, Dave Harrington, Bob Mionske (4th at Seoul Olympics,
12th at Barcelona Olympics, US National Road Champion), Dan
Casebeer (US Hour record) and Greg Meeker.

Mr Konno was paralyzed in a car crash.
There will be no more 3Renshos.

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