Mudguards and Chainguards

We of course carry a full line of Zefal and SKS touring mudguards, mountain bike full-cover sets from Planet Bike and abbreviated mountain bike mudguards from Apex, SKS, Zefal and Planet Bike.

classy all around

Update: We are sold out of classic Bluemels mudguards at
the moment. We're unsure of the availability of
these no-longer-made mudguards. Call or email exact copy of DL-1 case

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ten sizes no kidding


We carry the full range of Zefal/SKS laminated aluminum/nylon mudguards

    Silver or black, stainless fittings, all $49.95
  • 26x1.5~1.75
  • 26x1.9~2.125
  • 700-23~25
  • 700-28~32
  • 700-35~38

NYC Stainless 700-35C$49.95
NYC Real Copper 700-35C$49.95
Planet Bike copy of Zefal with mudflap $39.95 ass't colors

Mudflaps! $9.95
we got 'em!

Let's Digress!

We get asked frequently for "something to cover my chain"
As if it were simple
For single speed bikes ( and for internal hub gears - for all the bikes with just one sprocket in front and just one in the rear) there are traditional full chain cases . Those are specifically sized to a specific model bike. We also had Wald Chromed Chain Covers ( below)
Wald has closed production of Chainguards
We are now sold out completely.
Some plastic guards in stock.
And some vintage Raleigh Sports chainguards
in painted steel -
please call -
for contact, click "how to order" , below.
Both of those cover the chain in such a way as to preclude use of derailleur systems
. If your bike has derailleurs, the shifting mechanism needs to span the chain. Hence, the chain can't be covered.
( Yes, there was once a pretty aluminum half-sized chain cover supplied with Peugeot ladies' UO-18 bikes. With cute retro French styling, it bulged neatly around a Simplex front changer. They are but a distant memory now)
This 'cover my chain' conversation's impetus is often a black smear on your white socks. Or worse, on your slacks. As a forgetful kind of guy, I sometimes ride without a rubber band at my ankle. So I'm familiar with the issue. I find the chain touches my ankle about eight inches behind the top of the sprocket, when my pedal is at about nine o'clock. So the disc type chainwheel covers, attractive though they may be, don't help much.
But that's what we have. They fit all bikes, install easily without much hassle, come in basic matches-everything black and they're cheap. The Kool Stop Chain Guard is shown below. There are two sizes, small for outer chainrings of 44 or 46 teeth and large for outer chainrings of 48 to 53 teeth.

Comments and inquiries welcome! email us!

Kool Stop Chain Guard $49.95

Wald USA #656 Chromed Universal Chain Guard $sold out

KW Shiny Black Enamel Half Cover $39.95

Full Chain Cases Click Here
Of course we stock all the those annoying little dammits - hardware, bolts, nuts,
clamps, brackets and bits for mudguards and whatever else you may require

New! SKS snap-on mudguards for real race bikes! $49.95
really really works

Really does fit everything more entertaining mudguards and related sundries


handlebar bags

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