Spares for Roadster Bicycles at Yellow Jersey

We have most but not all service parts for classic Roadsters. We have axle sets, rims,
tires, tubes, rim liners, brake sets, Britsh made brake pads, small parts, spokes, seatposts, chain cases,
cranks, crank bearing sets, headsets, pedals, chain, Brooks saddles, crank cotter pins. & more
New Whitworth crank bearing sets

you need this sparingly but often

The handiest tool for rod linkage brakes

New Chain-L Oil NY USA $12.95
Chain-L review
Y-Wrench $4.95

  • Schrader (car-type valve) 28" Roadster tube $7.95
  • Dunlop-Woods (take-apart-type valve) 28" Roadster tube $7.95
  • New! KW Super Duty nylon Roadster tire 28x1-1/2" black, red stripe $19.95

  • many choices
  • New shiny chrome rims from KW Bicycles:
  • Chromed Steel Roadster Rim 32h $29.95
  • Chromed Steel Roadster Rim 36h $ 29.95 back in stock!
  • Chromed Steel Roadster Rim 40h $29.95
  • Araya 40h premium rim - out -
  • Genuine Raleigh British-made 40h CGD130 rim $89.95
  • * Note: CGD-130 rim is for *Side Pull* brakes!
  • cherchione italiano Beretta Italian 36h rim $69.95
  • Beretta rims are 700-35, 622mm for Italian Tipo R Bicycles
  • will not fit 28"x1-1/2"x1-5/8" 635mm Raleigh Roadster type bicycles
  • Eastman (fits Raleigh) front axle set complete $9.95
  • Eastman (fits Raleigh) rear axle set complete $9.95
  • Rear Freewheel 40h 110mm OLD*hub $19.95
  • Front 32h 95mm OLD* hub $19.95
  • Sturmey Archer vintage British Made AW hub only, specify drill & axle spacing $ - call-
  • Sturmey Archer new ROC built aluminum 3 speed hub 36h only $125 with controls and cable
  • Sturmey Archer new vintage shifter (1960s model trigger style) $all sold-
  • Sturmey Archer new shifter black cover not clear $19.95
  • Sturmey Archer type aftermarket trigger $19.95
  • Sturmey Archer type aftermarket control cable set complete with anchorage $9.95
  • Steel chain adjusters, pair $4.95
  • SturmeyArcher replacement cog sizes 13 through 20t, also 22t, 24t $19.95
  • Single freewheels 16 through 22t $19.95

all work same;some are pretty
* "OLD" *is Over Locknut Dimension, the working number for hub width

click for Roadster Handlebar Set

    Braking System
  • Handlebar/stem with brake levers and pivots $49.95
  • Brake set-all below handlebar complete w/ 4 shoes $49.95
  • British brake shoes $19.95/pr
  • See our Vintage Brake Bits page
  • Brake tube anchor bolt and nut $4.95
  • Upper or lower pivot assembly complete $14.95
  • Throughbolt for pivot assembly w/nuts $9.95

  • See also FIBRAX
  • British Made Roadster brake shoes click here
  • We have a range of other styles from Fibrax for cantilever, V and road calipers.

Saddles, Guards, Etc
  • New! Finally a nice mudguard reflector, only $4.95
  • Eastman leather saddle $- out, use Brooks-
  • Click forBrooks Leather Saddles
  • Wald #952 seatpost fifteen inches, chromed steel, $7.95
  • Kalloy Aluminum one-bolt seatpost $19.95
  • Roadster fork with crown race, top race, locknut BSC 1x24 $49.95
  • Forks - specify large or small frame size, glossy black enamel with accent striping
  • NEW chain covers have arrived!
  • NEW KW Full Chain Case complete for 28" wheel bike $49.95
  • NEW KW Full Chain Case complete for 26" wheel bike $*out*
  • KW are the best full chain case we have ever sold includng Raleigh originals
  • KW shiny enamelled Half Chain Cover for 28" wheel bike New! $39.95
  • Phoenix Half Chain Cover for 26" wheel bike $29.95
  • Wald #656 chrome chain guard universal fit $-disc-
  • Reflector for mudguard mounting $4.95, see image above
  • classic black enamel mudguards
  • Complete Mudguard set 26" wheel or 28" wheel complete with fittings $49.95
  • Gripfast British made classic seat bolt $9.95

Click for Phoenix Half Chain Cover
NOTE 26" wheel full chain case OUT
28" full chain cases see new model below
front view below, left

back view above, right

Click for Phoenix Half Chain Cover &
NOTE 26" wheel full chain case OUT
28" full chain cases see new model below

New beautiful KW full chain case
fits classic 28" Raleighs exactly

New beautiful KW shiny black enamel full chain case
fits classic 28" Raleighs exactly

New gloss black enamel KW Half Chain Cover
fits classic 28" Raleighs exactly

includes nice Raleigh type frame clamp
fits classic 28" Raleighs exactly

65cm long, may be trimmed for smaller wheeled bikes
These chain cases and chain covers are pressed steel with black enamel finish.
Decals may be removed or painted over.
Previously, quality varied widely from adequate to dismal
excellent was not one of the choices

Our excellent manufacturer KW Cycles has sent clean straight cases with shiny black enamel finish, best ones we've seen in years! Various bicycle manufacturers have arranged multivarious chain case attachment protocols over the past 120 years, hence, these may or may not fit perfectly on any given bicycle without some minor modification

Steel is real!