Classic Steel Sidepull Brake
Small Parts from Yellow Jersey

There are several different styles used over a span of many years.
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    Raleigh Brake Small Parts
  • Genuine Raleigh RKM110 brake spring $9.95
  • Genuine Raleigh RMB317 Brake Lever bolt with nut, pair, $5
  • Genuine Raleigh Brake Lever Clip $4
  • Genuine Raleigh stud for adjuster $4 ( sorry, no adjusters left)
  • Crown aftermarket brake centerbolt front $-sold out-
  • Use modern SP calipers HERE $14.95
  • Crown aftermarket brake centerbolt rear $19.95
  • (Whitworth 3/16-26 Crown bolts work with Raleigh spring bosses)
  • Genune Raleigh Stud for casing stop $5
  • (Use with Self Adjusting Brake)

Good News! We can now supply double-ended (pre-1965) Raleigh brake cables !! Limited selection
We also stock full Sturmey Archer spares - cables, controls and small parts!
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