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We've carried Union's dynamo systems for over forty years. They are dependable and easy to install. When you have a difficult mounting application, everything is normal metric hardware and replacement bulbs are available worldwide.

Union-Marwi has acquired many small manufacturers and also sells worldwide under many different brand names. Our current products from them are labelled variously Union, Basta, Marwi and Soubitez and have origin marks "Germany", "France", And even some "West Germany"(!). They are the same products as shown here. The current headlamp is a push-and-turn unit with two spade connectors for lead and ground. (No more teeny screw to strip!) Quick wire connectors for the spade terminals are included

Here are the two models we stock.  The lamps are the same for both

Here's a better photo of the bottom bracket mount model. It bolts on at the kickstand plate (or if your bike is not German, with an ESGE plate, it goes just behind the BB) You can mount it under a kickstand so you don't have to choose between accessories!

The clever remote lever lets you flip the dynamo against the tire as you ride. It mounts on the seat tube and uses a normal bicycle control wire.

the remote lever mounts on a standard 28.6mm seat tube.
If your bike needs a different mount , JUST ASK! We can help!

Long full-touring frames generally accept a below-chainstay dynamo easily. Nearly all bikes with a welded kickstand plate will be quite suitable. Short chainstays, tight clearances and general obstinance are impediments to this style of mount. The lighter and shorter your bike, the less likely you are to fit this model dynamo.

this photo doesn't suck as much as the first one

this photo doesn't suck as much as the first one

New model Union systems can accept standard spade terminals (Radio Shack) A clever nylon connector is included which grips the wire on the standard spade with no crimping tool required. It looks like this:

clever design, that

If you think your new Union headlamp does not work, move your lead wire from the ground terminal to the lead terminal under the headlamp. They are right next to each other. If you use a nylon headset, you'll need to arrange a ground wire from the frame to the fork and headlamp.

Here's a simple beginner's dynamo instruction page

And another page about the headlamp wire connectors

    Union-Marwi-Basta German Dynamos and Spares
  • Three piece side mount set complete Halogen $-out-
  • Under-frame BB set with remote switch $-out-
  • Halogen Headlamp $29.95
  • Tail Lamp with wire $19.95
  • Non-Halogen Headlamp $24.95
  • Dynamo mounting kit $12.95
  • Dynamo only - side mount $-out-
  • Dynamo with side mount kit $-out-
  • Dynamo only- BB mount $-out-
  • Under-BB Dynamo w/remote lever kit $-out-
  • Top Shifters use as BB remote switch $9.95
  • Headlamp mounts of various styles $9.95
  • Adapter for British Enwell mount $-out-
  • Dynamo pulley covers $-out-
  • Standard 6v2.4w head light bulb $1.95
  • Standard 6v0.5w tail light bulb $1.95
  • Marwi Halogen flanged head light bulb 6v2.4W $9.95
  • No more Swiss LightSPIN Dynamos [defunct]
  • New German Stand Light kit for all standard dynamos
  • Rechargeable USA Cygo Systems
  • All kinds of little dynamo and lamp bits - email for assistance
  • Yes! we also sell reallycheap dynamos
  • Shimano DH3N70 Dynohub 36h or 32h $89.95

every quality range

Interesting lights and sundries for commuters

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