Standard Bicycle Dynamo Lighting Sets
standard being 6V3W output yet a Super Low Price
at Yellow Jersey

Not every bike needs premium equipment.
Besides our exceptional German Dynamos, we've found
some extremely low price dynamo sets.

cheap, really cheap

Tun Lin are back in stock.

Here's a copy of a classic British Miller system, using standard 6V2.4W head
and 0.5W tail bulbs. The $1.95 kind. Everything here works. These are not
exceptionally bright but we've found them dependable. The original Millers
were cute, but no brighter. We do have many alternate headlamp
mounting brackets (as above and also caliper bolt mounts.)

no kidding, $29.95
complete as shown - no substitutions

But wait, there's more!

We recently found an Indian set filled with features for only $- out -!

This Eastman set is also styled in the classic British motif
but with a headlamp, switched just like the classic Sturmey Archer
lamp. There's a standard 2.4W headlamp bulb, again the easy-to-find $1.95
type, as well as a motorcycle type two-pin bulb rated at 12V6W

    Here's why it's cheap
  • these are finished poorly
  • there are intermittent rust spots.
  • the bolts are threaded poorly
  • the ground screw strips easily
  • the dynamo bearing is noisy
  • It's hard to find replacement 2pin bulbs
  • They burn bulbs frequently
  • the switch is flimsy
  • the lens twists so the bulbs lose contact
  • the tail lamp bracket is flimsy
  • this wire is half as thick as any other dynamo set
  • everything rattles

But if you're handy with tools and you don't mind tinkering ,you'll get more
lumens per dollar here than with any other dynamo system.

yes, a developing country. We're waiting

Tun Lin made in our ally Taiwan ROC
back in stock $29.95

please either
call us at 608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733
or email us a shipping address and a card number, and we'll send one right off to you!

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